K-5 Community School of Choice

Empowering students to achieve their full potential.


Broadway Academy is a tuition-free, community school of choice for grades K–5.

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Convenient Location

Our school is conveniently located on the corner of 55th Street and Broadway (Dolloff Avenue) nestled in the Slavic Community near downtown Cleveland neighborhoods.  Please click here to see if your student qualifies for free transportation.

Academic Excellence

Our rigorous academic program exceeds Ohio state standards to prepare students for college and career. We observe an extended school day and extended school year. We exceed the 920 hours per school year required by the Ohio Department of Education in order to maximize learning time.

In 2018 we received a B rating from the Ohio Department of Education for Overall Value Added, meaning the amount of learning a student achieves in one school year.

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Student Teacher Ratio


TGRG Pass Rate


Week Art Classes

At Broadway Academy, students and their families are supported beyond their classroom teacher by instructional aides, intervention specialists, a team of administrators, and caring staff.

- Ms. Sherree Dillions, Principal